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July 25, 2014, the headline reads: “Thieves Steal $2 Million Pharmaceutical Shipment.” Do you move high value freight? Do you have equipment with personal information that needs safeguarding? Piracy is as real today as it was in folk lore, and is more dangerous than ever.

Trucks are being held up at gunpoint.  They are being followed and stolen while the operator uses the restroom.  This is happening in broad daylight.

What are you having hauled, moved or relocated that would cause countless problems if it were….commandeered… by the bad guys?  Can you afford to replace high dollar equipment, personal information of your customers/employees, or irreplaceable history or art pieces?

Invictus Security & Investigations is here to head off the dangers so you don’t have to,  providing safe travels for all of your valuables.  Want to learn more about how we can serve you? Call or email us today!

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