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Security Patrol Services

So, have security patrol services not worked out for you in the past? Didn’t feel that you were getting what you are paying for? You are not alone, but a security patrol can be a very effective service if it is done properly. So, where does everyone else go wrong?

Money, money, money – it’s what the makes the world go round.  Most security companies see green, losing sight of great service. Many companies will give one guard 25-30 properties for  patrol, sacrificing quality for the almighty dollar…That’s what they don’t tell you.  These companies will also promise you at least 3 visits per night. Oh, and one more thing they don’t tell you…  their guards are assigned properties spread across  town. You’ve probably figured out by now that it’s practically impossible to visit 25-30 properties 3 times per night.  Unless…. they do what is called “ghosting”.  “Ghosting” is when a guard will fill out  bogus reports for patrol stops that never happened and then dropping them off at the managers office on their way home.


If patrol service is the right fit for your job site, rest easy knowing Invictus Security  & Investigations never allows more that 15 properties per two man patrol.  Those properties must also be within a 7 mile radius and visited on a random rotating basis.  We use the same software that the police use to keep track of all the bad guys who are trespassing on your property.  We kick them off and keep them off!

There are many other benefits to choosing our patrol service over the other guys. Call today for your free security consultation and assessment.  

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